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1st November 2004

zenala12:01am: Moat party pics...
Moat party pictures...

(you'll probably have to be friended by me to see the photos... if you were at the party, anyway, there's nothing I don't mind you seeing, so let me know and I'll friend you)
Current Mood: dorky

26th April 2004

zenala10:59pm: So, has anyone there tried this yet?
Current Mood: silly

6th April 2004

zenala4:53pm: Jeopardy time...
answer: your mom/yo mama
question: _________

6th February 2004

zenala10:54pm: Back In The Day (TM) nitpicking...
I noticed that it skips from 1997 to 1999... And 1999 should be 1998, and the actual 1999 photo was Buzzy's...
Current Mood: nerdy

12th December 2003

zenala2:17am: Submit to Anarchy...
Questions for everyone:

a. Who are you?
(answer should be now, or have been at one time, followed by @mit.edu)
b. Why are you here?
(years on hall, and, if you remember, rooms, and perhaps an interesting story if you're in the mood...)

To start things off...Collapse )
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